BECK BEAR By T. S. Joyce


Juno Beck is trying to step out from the long shadow of her father and make her place in the music industry. But this bear shifter’s days are numbered and she’s running out of time to make her mark on the world. When she stops for a day trip to visit an old friend, she discovers the hiding place of one of country music’s bad-boys-who-got-away. But everything she thought she knew about Rhett Copeland from interviews is wrong, and he’s hiding a mountain of secrets.


Like all of T. S. Joyce’s shifter romances, this is well-paced, funny, heart-warming and overall fun. You’ll fall in love with Juno’s beauty, insecurity, needs, tenacity, and backstory. You’ll enjoy seeing Rhett again, learn more about him, enjoy his strength, and watch these two fall in love. Everything Joyce writes you can gobble up quickly, and this is no exception.

Rock Hard: Chord Brothers, Book 1 


Drummer Ryder Chord has been living half a life since he was sixteen when a brutal tragedy strikes his family and he and his best friend hit the road. Ryder, desperate to forget, throws himself into touring life and writing music. When Lexi joins the band, Ryder’s life becomes almost tolerable. Until one day when the rest of the band isn’t there and Ryder and Lexi have to share a hotel room: with only one bed.

Rule number one of band-dom: You never sleep with anyone in the band.

Rule number one of bro code: You never sleep with anyone’s sister. You definitely never sleep with your best friend’s little sister.

Rule number it’s-so-obvious it’s a count even a drummer can keep: You Never. Ever. Sleep with your best friend’s little sister when she’s in the band…and he is too.


A moving, funny, white-hot sexy romp that fans of Lauren Blakely, Nora Roberts, and Janet Evanovich will love.

This book opens with a bang and grabs you from page one. Roberts obviously knows musicians and the touring life. You’ll feel right away for drummer Ryder, and have your heartstrings tugged on even more when the big reveal shows the surprising tragedy that happened to him.

Ryder has known band mate, Lexi, since they were children, and after a chance evening forces them together in the beginning of the book, the interactions between the two of them are filled with crackling sexual tension. The sex scenes are top-of-the-charts hot without being lewd, and the music metaphor is stunning.

The book manages to be funny, with consistent witty dialogue, an immersive view of band life, and still address multiple, sensitive deeper issues.

Great leads and a cast of supporting characters you’ll want to take home with you, this book introduces you to a band that will make you want to read the whole series.

Rock Hard is completely unique in a genre that too often relies on trope. The melodies and harmonies of the Hard Chord band of brothers bring the right notes to satisfy and still leave you wanting more.

A book chock full of musical references, it will make you tear up, laugh out loud, get hot and bothered, and end up smiling.

From the preview at the end, book two will be even better.

I can’t wait.

Lover At Last

Short blurb:

Blay has loved Quinn forever but he’s not interested in his friend that way. Certainly not with the fact that he’s about to become a father. But tensions build and it looks like these two warriors might finally have a chance.


If you haven’t discovered the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by top novelist J.R. Ward you are missing one of the best-constructed and interesting worlds out there today.

This is a very believable, intense, and complex interwoven group of kick-ass warriors. J.R. Ward’s books are probably the best vampire books available, ones you can read more than once.

Lover At Last does not disappoint with non-stop action, hot tension, and what is undoubtedly the hottest sex scene with two guys ever written in any book at any time throughout history. Ward’s dark gothic feel and superb metaphor and language ability will please even the most discerning of readers. Even if it’s not your usual fair, your bound to like any book in this series, or the spin-off.

We highly recommend it.