Dawn C

A professor of creative writing and prolific novelist, I spend most of my free time reading contemporary romance. Preferences: Funny books, romantic suspense, chick lit, erotic romance, thrillers, mysteries, action adventure, strong, original sci-fi/fantasy, and memoirs.

Adam W

I’m a college student and virtual assistant. I love fan fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, young adult, anything exciting that a guy in his twenties would like, basically.

Rebecca W

I work a sometimes sucky job in retail and one of my greatest pleasures in life is being a mom. I’m a part-time editor. I occasionally write really hot erotica but wouldn’t call myself a writer. I love erotica, romance, strong-alpha men and kick-ass women, and anything that a smart reader would love.

Sarah L

I’m a former librarian who reads mostly non-fiction books. Memoirs and biographies are a favorite. I’m a mom to 2 boys and currently work in museums. I enjoy running as well.


Mark L

An engineer who enjoys a wide variety of literature. I am always interested in new authors and I don’t believe the large chains are the only source of great books.  I grew up reading as entertainment and am excited to find new favorite books.

Amalia A

I’m a student at a small college in Washington state. I used to do social supervision for foster kids, and that was a challenge. I’m not sure what life will bring now. I’m willing to consider all fiction and non-fiction.

Meg J

I’m a grad student and a teacher. I like fantasy, horror, drama, teen YA, utopia and dystopian.